The song itself is about finding your own path in all aspects of life. The music video also features notable locations around downtown Mississauga, including the stake park work by local visual artist Ray Vidal.

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“As promised, I am keeping the releases moving, and I am very thrilled about the feedback I have been getting thus far for Find My Own Way. If you haven’t done so yet, you can stream it, save to your library, and share click here

The song is a reminder to myself and to others that you don’t have to follow the traditional ways of reaching your goals. Whether that be in music, health, work, etc. Since putting together my talk for Mindfest (which I should have the video for soon) Themes of competition and comparison have resurfaced to be healed. Accompanying those feelings were doubts and questions, am I on the right path? am I wasting my time?

After a few days of sitting with my emotions and shifts, I have doubled down on my beliefs of my truth and strengthened my drive. I know my tunes are different and I honestly feel I am just starting to scratch the surface of my potential.”

Watch the music video below!