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Dear Fringe Artists and Fringe-goers,

A million thanks to all who participated, contributed, volunteered, attended, donated to, sponsored and supported the 1st Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival MMFF both in-person and online!

We were delighted to have many sold out in-person performances. The COVID protocols put in place did not deter the audience members who were happy to attend live theatre again. They all felt safe thanks to the rigorous sanitization undertaken by the dedicated MMFF volunteers after every performance.

Our heartfelt thanks to Michele Gallant of Calgary Fringe, without whose guidance the MMFF would not have been possible. She was always there for us, answering all our questions. Her super prompt responses to our emails and calls for countless Zoom meetings, her warm smile and wise guidance, all helped us through a most unpredictable August made even more unpredictable by COVID.  Thank you also to Lucy Eveleigh and Laura Paduch of Toronto Fringe and Chris Stanton of Hamilton Fringe.
As we begin planning for MMFF 2022, we want to take a moment to thank our donors, government funders and our sponsors. Without them, it would have been impossible to have the MMFF 2021!

Thank you, Canadian Heritage, Government of Ontario, and City of Mississauga!

Thank you, The Open Space, AN1 Studios, OnUp, Sampradaya Dance Creations, Stonehooker Brewing Company, and Mississauga Arts Council!

Thank you, Peel Weekly News and Desi News!

Thank you to each and every one of you!

“Great! Thank you SAWITRI for organizing such a wonderful FolkFest! It’s been one of the first ones for us…” – Jimish

“What a beautiful evening! It feels like there are 1000 people here even though there are 150!…” – Nick

“I’m enjoying myself tremendously!…” – Ria

“I’m on stage after 2 years. This is amazing!…” – Tulsi

“Thank you for an amazing time!…” – Gunja

“Organized very well; wonderful musicians…” – Ami

A Huge THANK YOU to MITESH SHETH from SURATI SWEET MART for sponsoring the delicious Tea and Snacks.

(Melange of Creative Expressions)

Introducing a monthly gathering to create an experimental and eclectic mix of creative expressions.

First Gathering on 17th. October at AN1 Studios.

Sponsored by THE OPEN SPACE & onUP Productions & AN1 Studios

If you are interested in participating as a performer or spectator, please email The Event is Free but Pre-Registration is required.

All COVID protocols will be strictly followed.

Image by: Linda Carmel

Thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation

SAWITRI Theatre Group was awarded a seed grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the “Stitch In Time Project” (SIT) in 2019 to provide participants access, especially those who are newcomers or face socio-economic barriers, to learn anew, or renew sewing and/or embroidery skills to artistically express themselves through fabric-art, making wearable/useable items that connect them to their culture. This pilot project concludes this month and we would like to thank everyone connected with it.

SAWITRI Theatre Group is grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting the “Stitch In Time” project and thanks all the participants and the artists and agencies who partnered to make this project a great success – Tanya Theberge, Carolyn Den Elzen, Asha Ponnachan, Anita Diwan, Sweta Surisetti, Elly Ball, Uzma Irfan, The Open Space, the Punjabi Community Health Services, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, Malton Women Council and Ruth Ann McKay at BridgeWay Family Centre. SAWITRI Theatre is very excited to have piloted this project and we feel that this is the start of a much larger movement to help women come together and build community through the art of sewing and embroidery.

The objective of this project was to help break down barriers: socio-economic; language; technology; etc. and make participants feel more connected to their community. The Stitch In Time project started in January 2020, was put on hold due to the COVID lockdowns and then pivoted to continuing online. Whether in-person prior to COVID, or online due to the ongoing lockdowns, SAWITRI provided a safe environment to the participants to enhance their fabric art skills and build community.

Says Co-Founder & Artistic Co-Director, Jasmine Sawant, “Fabrics are our second skin that not only protect but also provide us our cultural identity. Functional or fashionable they have been a part of the development of the human race. In these difficult times where more barriers and borders are being put up, we hope that the SIT Project will help take down some of these barriers and erase some of these borders”.


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