Today is our Multiculturalism Day Celebration

Part of our annual Women Who Give event, this year we are celebrating Multiculturalism Day with FIVE amazing films.

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A Girl From Mogadishu
Sunday, June 27 @ 4 pm

Fleeing war-torn Somalia in 2006, Ifrah Ahmed is trafficked to Ireland where a traumatic medical examination when seeking asylum reveals the extent of her mutilation as a child. Traumatized by the memory, she channels the experience into a force for change and emerges as a formidable campaigner against Female Genital Mutilation at the highest political echelons.

Based on a true story.
Director: Mary McGuckian

Short Films: Leaving to Live Dir. David Rodrigues, Pick Dir. Alicia Harris.

Q&A to follow film with Director Mary McGuckian and Ifrah Ahmed whom the story is about.

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Gosia @ Tomek (2021, Germany, Christine Jezior)
Available Now

What happens to a relationship if a partner suddenly becomes severely disabled after an accident? For Gosia it is clear that she will stand by her boyfriend Tomek no matter what in order to let him live as normal and fulfilled a live as possible. But time and again she becomes painfully aware of her own limits, as well as of those of a society that talks a lot about inclusion but often does not seem to be ready for it. GOSIA@TOMEK is based on more than 3000 emails that Gosia has been writing to Tomek daily since his accident.

Bangla Surf Girls 
(2021, Canada, Dir. Elizabeth D. Costa)
Available Now

Three young teenage girls break away from their daily lives of domestic drudgery and familial abuse by joining a local surf club in the town of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Under the wing of a devoted coach invested in seeing the girls excel at their sport, they discover a rare and precious avenue of freedom as they fearlessly ride the tallest of waves with unimaginable skill and dexterity. Navigating daily hardships, stifling families and the oppressive judgments of their community, the girls coax and cajole their way to a few hours on their surfboards every chance they get. But when their coach makes the decision to leave the club and the girls are left to advocate for themselves, their odds start to seem insurmountable. A touching coming-of-age story of resistance, Bangla Surf Girls will have you cheering for every wave and hurdle these young women overcome.


Her Stories (2021, Syrian Arab Republic, Dir. Abd Al-Kader Habak)
Available 7 pm (EDT)
World Premiere!

After ten years of the war in Syria, three women have managed to break cultural barriers and become someone they never thought they could be before the revolution. The first feature documentary by director Abd Al-Kader Habak, a photo journalist Abd Al-Kader Habak came to worldwide attention when he rescued a child injured in a devastating car bomb in 2017.

The Names of the Flowers (2019, Bolivia, Dir. Bahman Tavoosi)
Available 7 pm (EDT)

As Bolivia stages the 50th anniversary of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s death, Julia, an old countryside teacher is invited to share her historical story with the world: Giving a bowl of soup to the captured guerrilla in her classroom, while he recited a poem about flowers to her a few hours before his death. The invitation is withdrawn soon after, as other women step forward claiming the story of “the soup and the flower” as their own.

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