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Announcing your 2022/2023Board of Directors
Chair/President: Michael Buchert
Vice-Chair/Vice-President: Tom Hope
Treasurer: Brenda Barthelmes
Secretary and Privacy Director: Mary Lynn Merklinger
Properties Director: Linda Amos
Costumes Director: Lisa Arrigo 
Resident Music Director: Kevin Little 
Technical Director: Lawrence Grynewski
Group Development and Promotions Director: Monique Armstrong
Statistics Director: Jason Farrell
Membership and Communications Director: Gloria Buchert
Website Director: Michael Buchert / outsourced support
Inclusivity Director: Katie Prestage 
Other Positions available
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Thanksgiving isa time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflecton the things that matter most in life.Danielle Duckery

Teamwork Can Make A Dream Work!  We all know that Community Theatre enriches our lives. Sometimes there are friends that need some extra encouragement to give it a try. Share the audition notice with a personal invite.  
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Come and Meet those Dancing Feet Help spread the word that the Encore Series is back. If you have not already purchased your subscription, Hurry don’t miss out! 
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Members CornerWe asked our members to tell us what Community Theatre means to them. Community theatre is my home away from home. For me it is an outlet for me to express my love for singing and dancing without the pressure of It being competitive. Through community theatre I have found a second family that supports me in my passion for the arts. We all enjoy the arts and are free of judgement. I come from a very competitive environment for my singing and theatre is the thing that keeps me sain. I was first introduced to community Theatre at the age of 9 and community Theatre is where my love for musicals and my drive to pursue theatre as a career was first formed . The best part is the large extended family you develop over the years. It is a part of who I am now and I could never live without it. No matter where my life may take me I know I will always have a community theatre family that would welcome me home with open arms.  Nicholas Gryniewski Want to be featured in a future Newsletter?  Email us letting us know what Community Theatre means to you.  Email Us
Our Grand Re-opening of Meadowvale Theatre

Autumn Theatre Quiz!1. Why can’t Lancelot leave Guinevere in autumn?2. “The Thanksgiving Follies” is a show stopper in what Broadway Musical?  and which Encore Series Group did it last?3. What autumn event is celebrated in dance in both “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and “Meet me In St. Louis”?             Quiz Answers
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