By Qiam Noori. Mississauga News. Monday, January 16, 2023

“From reading a play to a create a heart-designed mugs, these activities save you from getting bored this month

If you were looking for creative and fun activities or events this month, these programs in Mississauga might be worth considering.

Visual Arts Mississauga (VAM) at 4170 Riverwood Park Lane is launching its 6th annual exhibition both in-person and online at the facility.

The ‘Why do you create?’ juried expo allows artists to consider how they create and what brings meaning to their artmaking practice.

“It is also an opportunity for members of the regional visual arts community to showcase their work alongside their peers and for art enthusiasts to discover the wealth of talent in the region,” the Martyshub website reads.

The in-person version of the expo runs until Jan. 29, while the online one is taking place until June.

Interested in reading a play? If so, Crane Creations Theatre company is offering a monthly online play reading session named ‘Play Date’.

This month, a play called ‘Arcadia’ written by Tom Stoppard will be read on Jan. 19 via an online session.

Registration is required for the activity.

Visual Arts Mississauga is also offering an in-person workshop — ‘Art Night Out’ — where participants can create heart-designed mugs.

This one-day class is scheduled for Jan. 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and costs $50.

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