February 24, 2022. Article and interview by Sherri Murray, MAC’s Communications Producer.

Marlon Porter, filmmaker and photographer from Mississauga recently sat down with us as a part of our HUB Highlights Artist Spotlight Interview Series. Join us as we learn more about where his inspiration comes from, his passion for nature photography and videography, why he uses photography and videography as his source of mediums, and what the future holds for his upcoming work, including more information about a new film of his that revolves around capturing a family of deer.

About Marlon Porter

Marlon Porter is a Mississauga based photographer and filmmaker specializing in capturing the little moments of magic hidden within the poetry of everyday life. He is currently an Artist-In-Resident with Visual Arts Mississauga, whose work has been featured in multiple exhibits and publications, as well as been awarded in both the 2021 Smithsonian Photo Competition and the 2020 International Photography Awards. Marlon’s inspiration comes from the elegance of nature, the intricacies of the human experience, and the stunning spectacle of the world around him.

You can visit Marlon Porter’s official website: marlonporter.com, and follow him on Instagram @marlonp_photos