make! studios presents:The Canadian Artist in a Post Pandemic World

It continues to be challenging times for the Canadian Independent music scene . The pandemic caused disruption has affected everyone from the recording artist, to artist managers, to record labels and a whole host of others.

Join make! studios via zoom on Jan 12th at 7:00 PM EST as we discuss ways by which we might navigate the present, as well as a post-pandemic world.

Conversation Points will include:
~How do we as independent artists carry on in the new world that the pandemic is shaping?
~What tools and strategies do we have to further our craft when the pandemic finally ends?
~How has our approach to audience interaction/connection changed since the pandemic started?
~Is there a template we have adopted that will serve us going forward?
~How do we recoup lost revenue? How do we make new revenue in a landscape that may be vastly different from the one we have become accustomed to pre-pandemic?
Discussants include:
@drewbrownmusic @thatericalper @arleneofficialmusic @badparadeco @scottamesofficial

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Thank you so much for your support and we hope you stay well!

~LMG Productions