Image Credit: Faces, Andrzej Pradzynksi – Burlington, Latow Photography Guild member

As part of the 26th Scotiabank CONTACT Festival in the Parish Hall, 16 Adamson Street South, Norval, ON L0P 1K0 next to the historic Anglican Church, circa 1847.

Hosted by Studio By Design as the PREMIERE EXHIBITION OF Munson & Friends STUDIO GALLERY
Endorsed by Visual Arts Brampton, Arts on the Credit, ArtTrendZ, Picsalive, and the Norval Community Association 

About the Exhibition

From the earliest cave paintings to the modern digital and conceptual era, artists have always delighted in depicting people and their daily activities. Glimpses of how life was and is lived are revealed by the figural paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, and family albums in our museums and homes.  

As people uniquely different, yet profoundly the same, this exhibit will engage us in that age-old exploration of “who am I? and “What does it mean to be human?” Held in the historic 95-year-old Parish Hall in Norval, 120 pieces of photography and art by 40 photographers and artists will be on view May 5 – 29 as part of the Scotiabank’s 26th annual CONTACT Festival. 

It is a testament to and celebration of our fascination with the human face and form and how we inhabit our spaces, as we pursue our daily lives and engage with each other in community.  

Curator of the Helson Gallery in Georgetown, Judy Daly says … 

“Artists have responded to the theme in compelling ways, reflecting a diversity of humanity amidst global settings. They’ve provided us with a refreshing look at the world and the exhibition is a coming together after long months of pandemic induced isolation.”  

Open Thursdays – Sundays and holiday Monday, noon to 4:30 pm, with events every weekend,  including the Opening Reception, Saturday, May 14, 1:00 – 4:00 pm with special speakers and ‘behind the scenes’ displays of historic photographers, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Yousuf Karsh. Curation by aforementioned Judy Daly and Sherry Prenevost, Photographer and Consultant from Mississauga. 

Enjoy an exhibit that revels in our glorious diversity, while showcasing what unites us.