Are you curious to know what artists have been up to during the lockdown? We are too!
So we decided to catch up with them and learn more about their new reality.

Join us in discovering how their creativity has been transformed since the pandemic started, and what they have to say about the situation.

Artists are a huge source of inspiration, especially during these unusual times.
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Mike Wills | Brook & Peony | Lysa Jordan | Hugo Landry

This new reality did not change my daily routine all that much. I begin painting late afternoon and continue into the night since that is when I’m most creative. However, I have been producing more quality work rather than quantity, since I now have more time to create! I have slowed down the pace at which I paint, focusing more on every stroke, line or shape.

It made me realize that I was producing paintings too quickly, mostly because I wanted to share them as fast as possible. I was not fully pouring my heart into my work. Now, I find myself painting simply because I love it, and I had forgotten that a little. By taking more time to complete each piece, I have adapted my creative process. I sketch out my ideas and break them down into shapes, which I then slowly add details to. When painting, I want to enjoy and savour the moment. I now realize that, in doing so, my artwork is worth more—not more in money, but rather in quality since I take my time to create and I am even more proud of what I present.

I try to stay in touch with my community by posting a little more about my process and the projects I am working on, rather than just the end product. I also like to ask questions and have my community tell me what they are up to, even if we are going through difficult times. Social media allows us to engage in an open dialogue, to easily exchange and support one another during this period.

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Being in lockdown with my family has made me realize that I must be clear-headed in order to create. I already knew I needed peace and quiet to create, but this period confirmed it for me! For now, I have put my personal and creative projects aside to focus on my daughter’s well-being, as well as my own.

I am also significantly less hard on myself, as much about my expectations as the result itself. I do arts and crafts projects with my daughter much more for the simple pleasure of creating, rather than for aesthetic results. I said goodbye to being a perfectionist! I still share what I create with my followers when I think it could inspire or help parents keep their children busy for 10–15 minutes. We are all looking for ideas to entertain our little ones right now, and I hope to help with my posts.

I questionned myself a lot about whether to post on social media when the pandemic started. I came to the conclusion that, without ignoring the situation, and while continuing to produce inspiring content at my own pace, it was welcomed and even expected from my community. Of course, my goal is to provide pleasant, unpretentious entertainment during a difficult period that we are all going through together. We all need to see something good and beautiful during times like these. Personally, when I’m not doing so well, I always browse the profiles of my favourite Instagrammers and artists to take my mind off things. So I hope to be one of those people for my community, offering something positive like a smile or a simple moment of relaxation.

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Since the lockdown started, I’ve noticed how creation is a powerful means of escape that allows me to forget our current reality for a few hours. I focus on every brushstroke, on every line, and on the poetry of colours. I completely forget what is happening around me. It’s a very powerful tool for relaxation, as it allows me to get in my own little bubble. I’m also using this time to try new things, to explore personal projects.

My creative process hasn’t changed much since I’m already used to working alone at home. However, many exhibitions will not be happening this year, which has affected my workload. I found myself with a lot more free time, which allowed me to explore and develop different personal projects that I never had time for before. I’m also using watercolours a lot more right now; I love this medium, as it really allows me to relax. I created a new collection of watercolour works that I hadn’t planned at all; it’s called “Floral Daydreams.” I had a lot of fun creating it… An imaginary world of flowers and movement.

I unfortunately had to cancel several workshops that were scheduled for the spring. It’s a really fun time to give group workshops and I think it’s such a shame they won’t be happening. So I took the initiative to create several tutorials that are now available for free online. The feedback has been so positive, so many people have shared their creations with me. I also provided tips that helped some of them get equipped and better understand how to use watercolours or acrylics. I’m very happy to be able to share my passion this way with the community.

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My creative space has completely changed. I went from a large studio in downtown Quebec City to my shed in the suburbs! A shed also equals lack of space, so I had to divide the house into different zones. The shed is where I paint, while my living room is used as a drying space and a room upstairs is used for varnishing. It’s an unsettling situation and I miss my routines. In spite of everything, humans adapt and keep moving forward. I’ve found new strength and energy to create.

The lockdown also made me realize that art can be created anywhere. In the past, I often placed a lot of importance on my creative bubble. It was important for me to create in a tidy, spacious and calm space. I now understand that location doesn’t make the artwork. Creating in another space, between gas tanks and a lawnmower for example, doesn’t change the end result… My creative bubble is more a state of mind.

I use social media a lot to stay connected with others and break the isolation a little. I try to post several times per week, and to share my daily life as an artist. To give my followers a glimpse of my studio and share my latest creations with them. I also gave myself a few creative challenges… To get inspired by the crisis and lockdown and create artwork that reflects what we’re experiencing now. Creating has been therapeutic for both me and the community it seems. I’m grateful for all the positive feedback I’ve received.

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