Crane Creations Theatre Company is thrilled to announce team member Eugenia De Jong is now a board member of Ontario Puppetry Association, and team member Aimee Poulin is now a board member of UNIMA Canada. 

Eugenia De Jong
Aimee Poulin

About Ontario Puppetry Association Established in 1956 and incorporated as a Not-for-Profit in 1972, the Ontario Puppetry Association supports puppetry art of all styles and levels of expertise, promotes and contributes to the development of Puppetry Art across Ontario.

About Unima Canada UNIMA Canada is an association providing a strong voice for the puppetry arts from coast to coast…and to coast, and internationally. Currently, UNIMA Canada has 168 members who are passionate about the puppetry arts, who live and work in 9 Canadian provinces. UNIMA Canada is a chapter of the international organization UNIMA international. UNIMA International has existed in the world since  1929  and national centres like the one in Canada exist in more than 70 countries.