What does Ramadan mean to you? Tell islamophobia.io your story!

From islamophobia.io:

“Not even water?” is the most famous question on the planet about Ramadan. But Ramadan is so much more than not eating and drinking.

No matter what your background is, you might have experienced Ramadan in some way. If you have, then you probably have a story!

Here at islamophobia.io, we’re looking for memorable stories you might have of Ramadan to foster a greater understanding of what this month actually is.

islamophobia.io is a space that widens the narrative of Muslim communities through digital storytelling. We already have over 300 incredible stories submitted by the public in a collective pursuit to create better understanding, and counter Islamophobia.Can we count on you to tell a Ramadan story? Big or small, it’s still a story! Your stories will help decipher Ramadan and foster new understanding. You might even change the most famous question about it! Visit islamophobia.io/ramadan