THEATRE IN THE PARK PERFORMANCE – Funded by the Mississauga Arts Council’s Micro Grants 


July 15th and July 16th on Zoom 

Call Backs July 17th 


Ghost Light is an interactive, immersive site specific tour of the ghosts and spirits in JC  Saddington Park. A tour guide leads the audience into the spirit world where they come upon  vignettes of spirits and ghosts who engage them in stories of human connection and loss. The  show will be performed at dusk, mid-September 2022.  


A free live performance at JC Saddington Park located in the Port Credit neighbourhood of  Mississauga, Ontario mid-September 2022 


Honorarium ($600) 


Rehearsals will run from the week of August 7th to September 16th Approximately 50 hours of  rehearsal. Rehearsals will be held in Mississauga, with approximately the last week being held  outdoors, on site.  


TOUR GUIDE (Any age, any gender) 

Erratic, eccentric, and entertaining. Skilled performer, loves connecting with and speaking to  people. Definitive lover of the lime light.  

Some singing ability required. Improvisational skills a plus.  

PUPPETEER/SKELETON FAMILY MEMBERS/GHOSTS (Any age, any gender) Two actors, double cast in three vignettes. 

Skeletons – masked scene performance, two hander scene. 

Ghosts – puppetry, shadow puppetry, monologue based story telling. (Puppetry experience  considered an asset not a requirement) 

Please prepare a 1-2-minute monologue and 30 seconds of an acapella song (we’re not looking  for ground breaking musical ability – though if this is you: lovely!  We are just looking for an idea  your voice and ability to hold a melody) 


• To be considered for an audition, please submit ONE (1) PDF file that includes both an  updated headshot/recent photo and resumé detailing any performance experience, saving  the file using your name as the file name (i.e.: Smith.Jane.pdf) 

• Please include which roles you would like to be considered for. Note that all actors will be  considered for all roles, regardless of which one(s) they indicate. 

• Please email submissions to the attention of Za Hughes.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, July 6th, 5pm EST. 


• Artists from under-represented communities are encouraged to apply. 

• Applying artists should be aware that any form harassment of artists, employees, clients,  volunteers, or any persons visiting will not be tolerated. 

• Performers with a strong connection to Mississauga will be prioritized.  

Students currently in and recent graduates of post-secondary training programs whose  performance experiences were impacted by COVID-19 and subsequent lock downs are  strongly encouraged to apply.