By Jenna Melanson on February 24, 2023

“Vivek Mehmi is back with his latest single, “Migraine Love”

Mississauga, ON-based Award-winning hip-hop performer Vivek Mehmi has unveiled his single, “Migraine Love,” from his upcoming RelationShips EP.

The single follows the previous releases, “Fulfill You” and “Around Your Finger.”

Listen to “Migraine Love” below and learn more about Vivek Mehmi via his socials.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Heya! My name is Vivek Mehmi, I am predominately a Hip Hop Artist from Mississauga, but lately, I have been fusing other genres and exploring different sounds. I am very passionate about healing, spiritual connection, and self-development. I have been through some really tough times with my health, and creating music has been very therapeutic. You will hear a lot of themes around overcoming those hardships, dealing with pain, and finding acceptance throughout all of my work. In addition to my music, I have an events company called Humble & Hungry, where my team and I showcase artists from the city and around the world. I also work as a Peer Support for other artists and collaborate with amazing organizations like Workman Arts, The City of Mississauga, and the Mississauga Arts Council.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

“Migraine Love” is the 3rd single off my Relation⛵️Ships EP. It was inspired, in part, by the frequent migraines I suffer from but, in a larger way, by the relationships that trigger these emotions, which carry similar symptoms. I consider myself to be a highly empathic person, and I tried to capture the feelings of exhaustion and helplessness that come when one tries to carry the emotional weight of another on top of their own distress.

The song was produced with layers of synths, drums, and textural elements to reflect the complex and, at times, erratic emotions of a migraine. It takes you on a surreal journey of pain, heartache, and frustration. Like the rest of the music off Relation⛵️ Ships, “Migraine Love” features a genre-bending fusion of multiple styles. Drawing from Trip Hop, Alt Hip Hop, and Lo-fi Hip Hop. The track was also inspired by the early work of artists like Kanye West and Kid Cudi, specifically their tracks that explore the darker themes of human emotions.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, mainly from my personal experiences. Most recently, my health journey and the transformation of various relationships, but I am also influenced by all genres of music and artists that aren’t afraid to take risks. Those that step out of the norm, who are unique, exploratory, and just come with fresh vibes. I am also a huge movie buff and draw a lot of insight about culture and storytelling from film! My fave genres are Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, and Action.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

I am always down to play a show, so if you are a booking agent or promoter, feel free to hit me up! In addition to that, my organization Humble &Hungry is hoping to put on a massive festival/event with a mix of established artists and local Mississauga artists this year. Last September, we hosted one of the best shows of the year featuring Choclair, Rochester, Jon Kabongo, and myself.

What’s your goal for 2023?

One of my goals is to release as much music as I can! Complete my Relation⛵️Ships EP and have it out in the world. I have a bunch of other singles that are either in demo stages or ready for mixing. SO hopefully, I can get those out too! I also want to continue to collaborate with other artists, organizations, and communities that align with me and grow from those experiences.

Oh, and to quote one of the lyrics from my song Uni Verse “I won’t be content, til my content reach multiple continents”

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